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There are many websites on the internet which are providing opportunities for earning while sitting at home or part-time. People earn a handsome amount in their part-time. But some website commits fraud and get money from innocent and needy people. Such type of websites asked the user to invest amount before earning. They use different types of means to steal money from people. Review Fake Scam or Not 100  Personal Experience

Sometimes they asked the user to purchase software after that you will be able to earn money because all work will be done on that specific software.

Some Websites offer different packages plans such as they say the user to purchase a plan for example Mini package silver Package Golden package and get price according to package more costly package more chances of earn money for example if you choose a package with charges of 10$ so you will be able to earn only up to 30$ per month and if you choose a package of cost 30$ then the users can earn up to 60$ to 70$ it means they attract users for investing money which is the main purpose of a website.

After a brief introduction, we should come to our point without losing more time.But I remind you all websites are not fake or scam on the internet there are many websites which are providing real-time opportunities for earning money. Fake or Not?

Last week in Pakistan I saw such type of a website name which is providing money on typing per page as 0.45$ my friend suggested that we should start work on it because it is a very good opportunity so in this way we can earn money in our idle time. we agreed to invest some rupees. But one of our friends registered himself and purchased plan after getting the money website did not respond. We call again and again and used other sources of contacting but they did not respond at all and block our all numbers.

Screen Shot of

So he lost his money Please do not become a fool and don't waste your money on  because this website is totally scam. they are playing with the feelings of people and stealing money as well. So i don't let  people  become the fool so I decided to post an article about it and on my social networking accounts.
You can share your personal experinece in commenting area below this post . Review Fake, Scam or Not Personal Experience Review Fake, Scam or Not  Personal Experience Reviewed by Admin on January 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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