How to earn money online with Google Services in 2019 - Real-Time Earning Methods

How to earn money online with Google Services in 2019

Money is a need of every human. People often try to earn Money more and more to make a comfortable life. Students mostly want to earn money through the Internet and due to lack of information and curse they lost their money, time as well as hope. I will clear everything behind it. so let's start our topic How to earn money online with Google Services in 2019 - Real-Time Earning Methods

Brief: I will Only tell you the 100% real earning method through Google. First of all making money through the Internet is not an easy game now. However, it was much easier in a couple of years before but now it is more complex with the passage of time. But It is not impossible yet. I will tell you How to earn money through Google Services. After reading this whole article you will be able to understand How to earn money through the Internet in your spare time as well as here you will find the authentic method by using them you can earn money and save your time.

We shall talk about How to Earn Money with Google Services because Google is reliable and providing 100% real earning.

1 Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is the number 1 source of earning in the world of the Internet. Did you notice while visiting a site or an Application you often see ads of different products and brands? these ads are hosted by google adsense.

Adsense can be used on the website. If you have no Idea how to make website Then I will post this article for you here.
google adsense image

Adsense is really good product/service by Google because it provides 68% share of its revenue to the account holder. I mean if google earns $100 by showing ads to users on your website then Google will pay you $68 dollars and $32 to itself.
There is no other service who provide such a huge margin to its users. The only google provides this margin that is why Google is the Number 1 ads network in the world.

There are many other Service is available as an alternative of Google Adsense e.g 
But these services are providing low margin than Google Adsense. However, these can be used as an alternative of Google Adsense if your Adsense accounts are not approved then you can use above-mentioned services as an alternative of Google Adsense.

How to Work adsense:

If you have a blog on Blogger or Wordpress then you can request to Google Adsense to approve your account for Adsense. Then Adsense take review and approved your account. Then you will be able to post Google Adsense ads on your website and when users click on an ad then you will get paid for each click as per rates of your country.

2 YouTube:

 Who doesn't know about YouTube? Youtube is the largest search engine for videos. You definitely watch videos on Youtube application or on a web browser. If you like to watch videos on Youtube then you can also earn money through YouTube. As you watch videos of other people they also post videos for earning purpose. For this purpose, you will have to make good quality videos by yourself and post that videos on YouTube. When users will watch your video YouTube will pay for that video as per ratio. You can post videos of Tutorials, any Good Speech, or created by yourself something informative of funny (but not an adult and copy others). Adsense is also used on YouTube but Google on the website and on youtube are different from each other. However, YouTube Adsense also can be used for Website as well. YouTube's Adsense is hosted account and website's AdSense is not hosted.

You will have to create a channel for this purpose and a specific subscriber are required for this purpose (Monetization) to apply for Adsense (Monetization) and after approval video views also matter and when you reached criteria of earning then you will be paid by Google / YouTube. Current as per 2019 YouTube demands 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 hours of overall watch time on the channel within the past 12 months.

3 AdMob:

AdMob is a mobile app monetize the platform by Google. 
AdMob is a performance-based promoting product that was developed by Google, and it helps you to earn financial gain by commercial enterprise banners and video ads. AdMob platform offers the chance to earn further financial gain for those World Health Organization commercialize its mobile apps on Google Play Store IOS app stores.

admob screen shote webofinfo

For this purpose you should have owned an application which should be published on Google Play store when users download your application and user them there will be ads show to users on their mobile screen if users watch and click on those ads you will earn money, that's why we included it in how to earn money online with Google 

4 Google Opinion Rewards:

This is basically not an earning app like the above discussed. This is a survey app where which is developed by Google Survey team. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

Google Opinion Rewards screen shots
Photo Credit: Google

In this app short survey based question will be asked by you and Google will give you credit reward which can be used for purchasing of google items on play store. you can earn up to $1.00 per survey.
According to Google question will be asked through notification once or more in a week.

Google Map:

This is the same as like Google Opinion in nature of earning. I mean on Google map you can earn Credit. In Google Map, you can give a review about a place nearby you upload pictures, Videos and put correct information. Google called it Local Guide so when you become a local guide you will help Google in the improvement of Google Map. Google will provide you some points against it when those points reached a certain level you will reward some money by google. Terms & Policies are applied

Table of Points as per Google
Maps contribution
Points earned
10 points per review
Review with more than 200 characters
10 bonus points per review
1 point per rating
5 points per photo
7 points per video
1 point per answer
Respond to Q&As
3 points per response
5 points per edit
Place added
15 points per place added
Road added
15 points per road added
Fact checked
1 point per fact checked
 Credit: Google

google local guide points image
Photo Credit Google

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